“But what can I DO about it??”

When we begin to see the truths of injustice in our society, it is natural to feel a need to help.   To change.  To fight.  To build anew.

The problem is, the task seems so monumental, our perceived enemy so gargantuan in size, it feels as though there would be no chance.  David may have slew Goliath with a sling and a stone, but he didn’t have to fight ten thousand of ‘em, each piloting billion dollar stealth bombers.

We know the extent of the power being wielded at the highest levels of corruption…  we know that there is no chance to fight them physically, and we know that to achieve results within the system itself requires a competition of monetary power, which of course we are also unable to win.

So what is left?  What can we do? We can protest every weekend, but this can often feel futile, is impersonal, and can leave us with an even greater sense of futility and frustration.

So, when one asks, ’What can I DO about it?”

The answer is;  – anything you want.  

The future is one of thinking outside the box. Whole new ways of perception and vision.  One of creativity, and a huge simultaneous blossoming of new ideas.

So why not take this philosophy to the art of revolution? To the art of protest?  The art of  social change? The art of activism of any kind?

We know that each individual is special and unique, with their own realms from which to draw wisdom… with their own stories and experiences to share.  So why not find that thing that makes YOU special?  That thing that makes you excited, that makes you dream, and triggers your imagination and passions.

It doesn’t have to be big.  Whether you love skateboarding, or making quilts, or fixing up old cars… -how can you join your passion for this, with your passion for social change? After all, they are both parts of a single being; you. Put them together and I guarantee you will discover some really great new ideas that will enhance BOTH parts of you.  Things that work both passions at the same time, doubling the pleasure and satisfaction of executing whatever ideas they may be.

And it is not the SIZE of the idea that is important…  nor is the size of the expected results.  – it is the size of the passion and love behind it.  Sharing a facebook quote only takes a second, and is not creating anything new.  Going to a protest may be contributing to a larger voice, but there is little of you in there.  Though your presence is valuable, your own unique voice is not heard.

But a simple act, done from one’s own unique creativity, personality and imagination is worth so much more.  These are the seeds that grow brightest. These are the ideas that last.  These are the lights that will not be extinguished.  And if one person creating such a light can inspire another, then more lights will be added.  Even if the audience is small, it may be heard more deeply than that which reaches a million deaf ears.

A great tapestry is being created here, though we may not be at a high enough elevation to look down upon it to see the image it is forming…  But until that day comes, what thread or fabric will you contribute to it?  One of a thousand copies of someone else’s idea? A half-assed concoction you put together lazily? – Or something beautiful and true, may it only be a single thread of material?

If it makes you happy and it feels good to do, it is probably worth doing.  “Do not measure the fruits of your action.  You must instead measure your obligation for action.”  (paraphrased from the Bhagavad Gita)

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The Eagle and the Condor

There is a legend/prophecy from the Mayan, Hopi, and other cultures of indigenous North and South Americas that tells the tale of the Eagle and the Condor;

The Eagle being the masculine power, the peoples of the northern hemisphere, associated with the material, the rational, and the mind – and the Condor being the feminine power, the peoples of the southern hemisphere, associated with the spiritual, the intuitive, and the heart.

The prophecy says that for the past 500 years, the power of the eagle has dominated, almost extinguishing entirely the power of the Condor.

In the late 1990’s we entered a new ‘pachicutus’, or span of roughly 500 years.  In this new  epoch, the power of the Condor is to return, and JOIN with the power of the Eagle – it will be a time of partnership and union, where Eagle and Condor fly together in the sky as equals.  A time of Spiritual reunion, when we will link the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.

If this prophecy holds merit…  we should be embracing this time of change not as a time to hunt down and destroy the powers of the Eagle that have brought so much destruction and deception…  but as a time to convince them to open to the powers of the Condor.

We should ready ourselves to FORGIVE those who have ruled the last pachicutus, and welcome them with open arms to accept us as their brother.  This should not be a final conflict of good vs evil, light vs dark, but a coming together of 2 understandings that together complete the other.

Do not hate those who have ruled you – show them the light and trust that they have the wisdom to see it.  This need not be a battle, but a reconciliation.

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Stop hanging out with the Ferryman

There is an analogy I don’t remember where it comes from…  but they describe the spiritual teacher or guru as a ferryman, whose role it is to simply take you across from one shore to another.

The parable goes that once to the other side, you don’t just stay on the raft. You don’t hang out with the ferryman back and forth.  You say thank you and go explore the other side.

I believe for those who have gone down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, this self-education we have all endured is that ferryman;  he has taken us for a ride, a trip across unknown and unsafe waters.  Showed us new lands on the other side, and allowed us to look at where we came from with a new perspective.

But once on the other side – once awakened –  why keep tapping the same well? Why hang out with the ferryman forever?  Sure he may be an interesting guy…  but he’s kinda stressful, no?  And crabby! And besides, we have this whole new land to discover here on the other side! And we all have great dreams and plans to make true! So many new concepts to learn, a whole new reality to begin to grow in.

Seriously – you know you’ve been lied to.  You know there is corruption. What more evidence do you need?  What is the point of accumulating more?  What value is there in digging ceaselessly for further details that only prove what you already know?

You have taken the red pill and woken up – why keep taking more red pills?

You have graduated from school – why keep repeating the same classes?

You have the information to wake others up from their slumber – do you really need more?

So sorry ferryman, I won’t be hangin’ around.  You’re a super cool guy and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned…   Thanks for the ride but I got places to explore and things I gotta get done. Maybe we’ll meet up again someday.

Until then,

your friend,

‘Ferry-rider’. (one way).

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1 Enlightened Soul > a Thousand Angry Protesters

…that’s it.

Working on yourself can be a greater catalyst for change in the world than months of confrontational activism.  Don’t underestimate the subtle energies and contagiousness of love and/or fear.

A single candle can fill a whole dark room.  A single cell phone can break a still silence.

Be a candle, not a cell phone.

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2 steps forward, 1 step back = still moving forward

Hey all

Had an interesting conversation this weekend with a refreshingly well-educated woman..  she had written a masters thesis on the concepts of Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’, media bias, consumer behaviourism etc etc.

And although in my previous post I had stated I was taking a break from chasing conspiracy, I also vowed to take an opportunity to speak and listen when it came.  She was unaware about Ron Paul and so I shared my views on what he is achieving, and I listened to her many insights of which I was unaware.

What was most interesting is that this woman was a VERY happy well balanced person, a great mom and wife, very down to earth with a great deal of self-understanding and honesty.  I asked her how she balances her awareness of corruption with leading a happy life, and this was her reply (in a nutshell);

She believed that we ARE always evolving and moving forward towards betterment – she talked about the end of apartheid, vietnam protests during the hippy revolution, equal rights in the US, women’s rights..  the change in environmentalism, the explosion of education via the internet, etc etc etc.

now she admitted that with every leap forward, the advancement is always poisoned or spun out of context by corrupt forces – racism still exists, war continues, women’s rights have turned to a culture of dual-income dependency, environmentalism is being exploited, and the internet is soured with misinformation..

But she insisted that the corrupt powers are the ones that are constantly adjusting to US, and not the other way around.  She believed that humanity IS evolving for the better, and the corrupt are constantly having to re-adjust their agendas to accommodate it. Whatever evolution we make in consciousness, it is they who must scramble to deal with it, and attempt to get it under control and change their plans.  WE lead, THEY follow.

She called it;  ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’ – in that when we make a big advancement, it always gets pulled back again, but never fully to where it was. A small step is always made, we are that little bit more enlightened, and this cannot be completely undone. When we make progress either physically, intellectually, or spiritually, they can try to hold it back, infiltrate it, poison it, ridicule it, distract from it or even ignore it – but they can’t erase it. It has already been done, the world is forever changed.

And, when taken 2 steps forward 1 step back, it is inevitable that you ARE moving forward.

So see explained that in the big picture, the corrupt forces are always the ones losing. And over time we are getting to where our hearts desire.  So enjoy the ride, celebrate the progress, and focus on the positives in life not the negatives.

I thought it was very inspiring, and felt a great deal of peace to see that real happiness and fulfillment of one’s life is so very possible, even with eyes opened to the threats that are active in our world.


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Giving up on Conspiracy… (for now)

Hey al

I think I am giving up on conspiracy (for now). I just had an experience of real love and energy, where suddenly the inner journey of self discovery and surrender to the flow of one’s own journey seemed so much bigger and more relevant than all the internet links, news and videos that seem to be cluttering up my days and mind.

Suddenly all the conspiracy information seemed ‘out there’, and all the true meanings of reality and existence seemed ‘right here’.  Suddenly it seemed such a distraction of meaningful time and life to continue to keep on top of all the news and leaks and whistleblowing, which seems to be coming these days like an avalanche.

Suddenly, I just let it all go.  And it felt wonderful. Suddenly I was so much more excited about a road ahead that left all these concerns at the wayside. The here and now is all that mattered. Our own journeys, our own immediate surroundings.  The flood of info on corruption seems so outside of our control, beyond of our perceptions and field of action.  It all seemed so intangible, so abstract.  So distracting from the true meaning of life.

This is not to say I am abandoning the vision of change forever – I do believe I was put here to speak to a voice against it (and not just with this blog) – and am convinced that my turn will come to strike a blow – but until that time is ripe, until the universe puts me on that podium and hands me the mic, I am surrendering to the Tao.  The information and eyes for conspiracy that I have developed will always be with me, my awareness will ever be vigilant. If an opportunity to make a difference is presented before me I will play my part gladly.

But I will no longer let it fill my days.  There is so much more to learn and to give with one’s time.  For how can we fight if we are not whole?  How can we speak if our own selves are blocked? How can we contribute to humanity if we are still trapped in illusion and ego? Do we not have better gifts to give, to help those directly around us rather than crying out to the whole world through our computers, or re-posting and endless stream of fear?

When we’re dead there will still be corruption – is it worth ones’ life to spend it all obsessing over it?  There is as much (or more) wonder and love and amazement on this planet for every ounce of corruption. A healthy mind is balanced with both, and makes the conscious choice where on the scale he wishes to exist

So my friends, at least for now, it seems I have been given other work to do. A new path has just been opened for me, and it has nothing to do with conspiracy. A new bright door has been opened, and it has nothing to do with injustice or revolt.

I am choosing to enter. We’ll see where it leads.

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Taking personal intuition seriously…

Hey all…

I would like to confess an experience I have just gone through that many may relate to…

I will spare the intimate details as they are not important and have to do with my own individual journey.  But I think the lesson is likely to be the same across the board.

A few months ago I had a powerful personal revelation of where I was in my life’s journey, what was important, what I needed to do, and where I was going. I suddenly had a very clear image of what it was that I needed to do.

At the time it was extremely uplifting, a moment I will never forget.  I became really excited about it, and for about a month and a half I was riding on that high, yet not really DOING what the vision had told me to do.  Christmas took over, enjoyed family and a rest from the hustle and bustle.

Then, out of laziness I just sort of fell back into my regular routines. I returned to some of my old vices (of which a big part of my vision had told me I was to leave behind), and pretty much sort of let the whole thing go, in place of work and regular life/responsibilities.

Then maybe a week ago I really crashed. Something inside me broke, I hit rock bottom all of a sudden. My dependencies on my vices became dangerously heavy, my self-image turned to loathing and shame, all my strength and positive energy had left me.  This was an experience I had never really felt to this degree, it is unusual for me and was extremely frightening.

It took me a few days to figure it out, and then the answer became clear;  I did not listen to or act on the advice of that vision!

It was as simple as that. The crash was me, my higher self, my guides or whatever you want to call it simply giving me a slap and saying, “you see? If you don’t follow your path you become dead.”  (not literally dead, but spiritually dead)

I now know that if I am to LIVE, I MUST take the advice of that vision seriously.  It will be work.  It will take effort and strength.  It will take a rearranging of my daily routines.  But I can already see the results, just by simply realizing this admission.

So to everyone out there…  if you have an inkling in the back of your mind of why you are here, what you need to do – if you know somewhere a dream you must follow, a talent you must pursue – whatever it is….  DO IT.  Don’t get lazy. Don’t make excuses.  Don’t put it off.  DO IT.

Tonight I am going for the first step in this direction…  a step that took me almost 3 months to get off my ass and make.  Wish me luck!

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