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1 Enlightened Soul > a Thousand Angry Protesters

…that’s it. Working on yourself can be a greater catalyst for change in the world than months of confrontational activism.  Don’t underestimate the subtle energies and contagiousness of love and/or fear. A single candle can fill a whole dark room. … Continue reading

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2 steps forward, 1 step back = still moving forward

Hey all Had an interesting conversation this weekend with a refreshingly well-educated woman..  she had written a masters thesis on the concepts of Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’, media bias, consumer behaviourism etc etc. And although in my previous post I had … Continue reading

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Giving up on Conspiracy… (for now)

Hey al I think I am giving up on conspiracy (for now). I just had an experience of real love and energy, where suddenly the inner journey of self discovery and surrender to the flow of one’s own journey seemed … Continue reading

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