2 steps forward, 1 step back = still moving forward

Hey all

Had an interesting conversation this weekend with a refreshingly well-educated woman..  she had written a masters thesis on the concepts of Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’, media bias, consumer behaviourism etc etc.

And although in my previous post I had stated I was taking a break from chasing conspiracy, I also vowed to take an opportunity to speak and listen when it came.  She was unaware about Ron Paul and so I shared my views on what he is achieving, and I listened to her many insights of which I was unaware.

What was most interesting is that this woman was a VERY happy well balanced person, a great mom and wife, very down to earth with a great deal of self-understanding and honesty.  I asked her how she balances her awareness of corruption with leading a happy life, and this was her reply (in a nutshell);

She believed that we ARE always evolving and moving forward towards betterment – she talked about the end of apartheid, vietnam protests during the hippy revolution, equal rights in the US, women’s rights..  the change in environmentalism, the explosion of education via the internet, etc etc etc.

now she admitted that with every leap forward, the advancement is always poisoned or spun out of context by corrupt forces – racism still exists, war continues, women’s rights have turned to a culture of dual-income dependency, environmentalism is being exploited, and the internet is soured with misinformation..

But she insisted that the corrupt powers are the ones that are constantly adjusting to US, and not the other way around.  She believed that humanity IS evolving for the better, and the corrupt are constantly having to re-adjust their agendas to accommodate it. Whatever evolution we make in consciousness, it is they who must scramble to deal with it, and attempt to get it under control and change their plans.  WE lead, THEY follow.

She called it;  ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’ – in that when we make a big advancement, it always gets pulled back again, but never fully to where it was. A small step is always made, we are that little bit more enlightened, and this cannot be completely undone. When we make progress either physically, intellectually, or spiritually, they can try to hold it back, infiltrate it, poison it, ridicule it, distract from it or even ignore it – but they can’t erase it. It has already been done, the world is forever changed.

And, when taken 2 steps forward 1 step back, it is inevitable that you ARE moving forward.

So see explained that in the big picture, the corrupt forces are always the ones losing. And over time we are getting to where our hearts desire.  So enjoy the ride, celebrate the progress, and focus on the positives in life not the negatives.

I thought it was very inspiring, and felt a great deal of peace to see that real happiness and fulfillment of one’s life is so very possible, even with eyes opened to the threats that are active in our world.


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1 Response to 2 steps forward, 1 step back = still moving forward

  1. david pirie says:

    Hey kid – The anon. lady 4 sure has a threaded light bulb – illuminating, simple, tight!
    Yup, they’re always trying to stay ahead and they do, because they’ll do ANYthing to misdirect
    our attention. Like crash airliners (Lockerbie), murder hundreds (Oklahoma), thousands (Viet Nam) or millions (Africa). Fortunately, they are stopped. Dead.

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