Stop hanging out with the Ferryman

There is an analogy I don’t remember where it comes from…  but they describe the spiritual teacher or guru as a ferryman, whose role it is to simply take you across from one shore to another.

The parable goes that once to the other side, you don’t just stay on the raft. You don’t hang out with the ferryman back and forth.  You say thank you and go explore the other side.

I believe for those who have gone down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, this self-education we have all endured is that ferryman;  he has taken us for a ride, a trip across unknown and unsafe waters.  Showed us new lands on the other side, and allowed us to look at where we came from with a new perspective.

But once on the other side – once awakened –  why keep tapping the same well? Why hang out with the ferryman forever?  Sure he may be an interesting guy…  but he’s kinda stressful, no?  And crabby! And besides, we have this whole new land to discover here on the other side! And we all have great dreams and plans to make true! So many new concepts to learn, a whole new reality to begin to grow in.

Seriously – you know you’ve been lied to.  You know there is corruption. What more evidence do you need?  What is the point of accumulating more?  What value is there in digging ceaselessly for further details that only prove what you already know?

You have taken the red pill and woken up – why keep taking more red pills?

You have graduated from school – why keep repeating the same classes?

You have the information to wake others up from their slumber – do you really need more?

So sorry ferryman, I won’t be hangin’ around.  You’re a super cool guy and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned…   Thanks for the ride but I got places to explore and things I gotta get done. Maybe we’ll meet up again someday.

Until then,

your friend,

‘Ferry-rider’. (one way).

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