The Eagle and the Condor

There is a legend/prophecy from the Mayan, Hopi, and other cultures of indigenous North and South Americas that tells the tale of the Eagle and the Condor;

The Eagle being the masculine power, the peoples of the northern hemisphere, associated with the material, the rational, and the mind – and the Condor being the feminine power, the peoples of the southern hemisphere, associated with the spiritual, the intuitive, and the heart.

The prophecy says that for the past 500 years, the power of the eagle has dominated, almost extinguishing entirely the power of the Condor.

In the late 1990’s we entered a new ‘pachicutus’, or span of roughly 500 years.  In this new  epoch, the power of the Condor is to return, and JOIN with the power of the Eagle – it will be a time of partnership and union, where Eagle and Condor fly together in the sky as equals.  A time of Spiritual reunion, when we will link the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.

If this prophecy holds merit…  we should be embracing this time of change not as a time to hunt down and destroy the powers of the Eagle that have brought so much destruction and deception…  but as a time to convince them to open to the powers of the Condor.

We should ready ourselves to FORGIVE those who have ruled the last pachicutus, and welcome them with open arms to accept us as their brother.  This should not be a final conflict of good vs evil, light vs dark, but a coming together of 2 understandings that together complete the other.

Do not hate those who have ruled you – show them the light and trust that they have the wisdom to see it.  This need not be a battle, but a reconciliation.

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