“But what can I DO about it??”

When we begin to see the truths of injustice in our society, it is natural to feel a need to help.   To change.  To fight.  To build anew.

The problem is, the task seems so monumental, our perceived enemy so gargantuan in size, it feels as though there would be no chance.  David may have slew Goliath with a sling and a stone, but he didn’t have to fight ten thousand of ‘em, each piloting billion dollar stealth bombers.

We know the extent of the power being wielded at the highest levels of corruption…  we know that there is no chance to fight them physically, and we know that to achieve results within the system itself requires a competition of monetary power, which of course we are also unable to win.

So what is left?  What can we do? We can protest every weekend, but this can often feel futile, is impersonal, and can leave us with an even greater sense of futility and frustration.

So, when one asks, ’What can I DO about it?”

The answer is;  – anything you want.  

The future is one of thinking outside the box. Whole new ways of perception and vision.  One of creativity, and a huge simultaneous blossoming of new ideas.

So why not take this philosophy to the art of revolution? To the art of protest?  The art of  social change? The art of activism of any kind?

We know that each individual is special and unique, with their own realms from which to draw wisdom… with their own stories and experiences to share.  So why not find that thing that makes YOU special?  That thing that makes you excited, that makes you dream, and triggers your imagination and passions.

It doesn’t have to be big.  Whether you love skateboarding, or making quilts, or fixing up old cars… -how can you join your passion for this, with your passion for social change? After all, they are both parts of a single being; you. Put them together and I guarantee you will discover some really great new ideas that will enhance BOTH parts of you.  Things that work both passions at the same time, doubling the pleasure and satisfaction of executing whatever ideas they may be.

And it is not the SIZE of the idea that is important…  nor is the size of the expected results.  – it is the size of the passion and love behind it.  Sharing a facebook quote only takes a second, and is not creating anything new.  Going to a protest may be contributing to a larger voice, but there is little of you in there.  Though your presence is valuable, your own unique voice is not heard.

But a simple act, done from one’s own unique creativity, personality and imagination is worth so much more.  These are the seeds that grow brightest. These are the ideas that last.  These are the lights that will not be extinguished.  And if one person creating such a light can inspire another, then more lights will be added.  Even if the audience is small, it may be heard more deeply than that which reaches a million deaf ears.

A great tapestry is being created here, though we may not be at a high enough elevation to look down upon it to see the image it is forming…  But until that day comes, what thread or fabric will you contribute to it?  One of a thousand copies of someone else’s idea? A half-assed concoction you put together lazily? – Or something beautiful and true, may it only be a single thread of material?

If it makes you happy and it feels good to do, it is probably worth doing.  “Do not measure the fruits of your action.  You must instead measure your obligation for action.”  (paraphrased from the Bhagavad Gita)

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