For those who braved (or fallen) down the rabbit hole of political awareness, dealing with the truths we are waking up to can often be quite overwhelming.

Suddenly faced with new eyes to see the world, often filled with a hopeless anger or fear, it is common to experience a whirlwind of negative side effects to an otherwise positive and much needed awakening. Forever unable to undo what has been done, often suddenly alienated from our family and friends – it is not an easy metamorphosis.

This blog is intended to share, support and help any of those who feel the winds of change all around us, and try to help see the positive side of it all.  Great things are happening, and many are beginning to feel it.  But many also have great gifts and insights to share that can bring much light into the situation.  There IS light all around you, regardless of the way things can seem.

This site is to help bring that out, to spread it around, and help lighten up a darkness that I feel may be illusion.  Waking up is only the beginning.

I welcome peaceful dialogue from all.


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